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Commercial or Residential Moving Companies in Florida – Local and Long Distance

Local Moving Company Research

A lot of people jump online and perform a quick Google search for commercial & residential local moving companies, but there is a better way to start the process. A Google search will list most, if not all, of the local moving companies in your area, but it won’t tell you much else about them. Each moving company will be on equal footing. Instead, you want to start your search with a list of recommended movers.

This list may only include a single moving company, or it may consist of several, but it’s still the best way to start. You can receive recommendations from friends, families, or colleagues you know have used a local moving company in  Miami . If you are specifically searching for a commercial moving company, then you discuss options with other business owners in the area.

It’s a good idea to take a sheet of paper and start recording all of the moving companiesyou are considering. The moving companies that were recommended by people you know can have a star beside them so that you remember to give them extra consideration. And if several of your acquaintances have used a particular mover, then it’s likely they are an excellent moving company in South Florida.

You can also use this stage to learn a lot about the moving company that they might not advertise on their site. For example, were the movers friendly? Did they behave professionally? Did the mover show up on time? Did they stick to their estimate? Were any items lost or damaged? The movers will always paint themselves in a good light, but you can learn the truth of the situation directly from the customers.

After you’ve received a few recommendations, then you can turn to the internet to fill your list with a few more options. It’s entirely possible that there is an even better moving company in the area that none of your family or associates has used before. Add a few of the moving companies you find on Google to your list and then move on to the second stage.

Reviews & Complaints of Moving Companies in WPB

The next step to follow is finding out what previous customers have to say about each of the moving companies on your list. By doing so, you will likely cross out a few Local Movers as well as find some with very positive reviews. The reviews and complaints will make it significantly easier to choose the right commercial & residential local moving company in WPB without relying entirely on the price point.

It’s crucial at this stage to find the best sources for reviews. Most moving companies will list reviews and testimonials on their website. Unfortunately, you can’t rely on those during this phase. While they may be honest reviews, no Local Moving Business is going to post their negative reviews on the front page of their website. You’ll need to turn to third-party review sites to find honest opinions.

It’s often easier to find complaints about local moving companies than it is to find reviews. Some websites are dedicated entirely to logging and listing complaints filed against businesses. The most well -known of these sites is the Better Business Bureau found at BBB.org. You also can consult the hotline for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and ask if they are aware of complaints against the moving company in question.

Local moving companies with multiple complaints should be marked off the list. If there are no complaints, then it’s time to find some positive reviews online. Any moving company that’s been around for a while will have reviews online. They may be found at the BBB website, on their Google Business listing, or on a website dedicated to reviews.

Credentials For Furniture Movers

Your list is probably a little shorter now. This stage will require crossing off any moving companies that don’t have proper licensing and certifications. Most local moving companies that market themselves as commercial & residential local moving services in  Miami are smart enough to ensure they have the proper licensing and certification, but it’s still a good idea to be safe. Otherwise, you may not be protected if something happens to your belongings during the moving process.

The correct certification and licensing will depend on where you live. A lot of states require local moving companies to register with a federal DOT number. You can find online or look at your local .gov website, a list of those states. There you can learn about any other licensing requirements for local movers.

If the move has to be done in a state that requires federal DOT registration, then that number must be provided on the company’s website. You can then take that number and reference it to the DOT listing to verify the legitimacy of the moving company.

Finding out about insurance can be a bit more difficult. If the moving company has a DOT registration, then the FMCSA website will list their insurance information. Otherwise, you will need to contact the moving company and ask to see documentation. Any moving company that isn’t properly licensed and insured should be marked off your list.

If the company is certified as a member of the American Moving and Storage Association(AMSA), then you should give them extra consideration. Members of that organisation are held to very high standards, and it is always a good sign of a professional moving company.

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Best Moving Company

Your search for a moving company is almost over. You now know the best moving companies in the area without complaints, but with positive reviews and possible recommendations from friends. Now it’s time to sort through those local moversaccording to their price. Ideally, you want to receive estimates from at least three different moving companies. Obtaining as many as five estimates can be even more beneficial.

The first thing to consider: never settle for an estimate over the phone. The mover needs to visit your house or business and walk through every single room. They can’t provide an accurate assessment unless they know exactly what they are moving. The movers should be taking measurements and notes.

You cannot add any items to the moving list after you’ve received an estimate. If you do, then the mover has the right to challenge the estimate before moving the objects to the truck. They aren’t allowed to force you to pay more, but they can refuse to move the stufffor the original quoted price. It’s best to avoid this altogether by having every room inspected and avoid adding things after receiving the estimate.

There are multiple estimate types that you may receive. However, your state may limit what kind of estimates are allowed in the area. For example, some states require that moversprovide binding estimates that are signed. Other states forbid binding estimates.

Ask the mover about your estimate options and choose a binding estimate if at all possible. A binding estimate is not usually free, but it’s the best way to secure a confident estimate. It’s entirely possible that you will need to receive a non-binding estimate. If that is the case, then you should always expect to pay slightly more than the original estimate.

That’s a good time to speak with the movers and learn as much as possible. Ask the moving company if they are doing the moving themselves or if they plan to outsource the work. You do not want to work with a mover who subcontracts the work to another moving company because it would invalidate all of your research.

Local Moving Company

Review the estimates and decide your local mover in WPB

The final step is to choose a mover based on the estimates you received. It can be a bit tricky because it’s not always as simple as selecting the lowest estimate. The movers should have provided you with a document that thoroughly details all of the expenses involved with the local move. There should also be a detailed inventory list of the items being moved.

A binding estimate that is slightly higher than a non-binding estimate is still a better choice. And if you notice that specific items are missing from an estimate, don’t think that means you’ll be able to have them moved for free. As mentioned, that estimate will likely be challenged once they realised the items were overlooked.

Get Your Move Done

Now that you’ve reviewed estimates and chosen a moving company in WPB you like, it’s time for the big move. Schedule a moving day and meet the movers at the house or office. Once you’ve let them into the premise, you are free to leave and enjoy your day while they handle the move.

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